ACTION Appeal Plus hits the target!

Following the huge success of the ACTION Appeal, which reached its £750,000 target 4 months early, we are delighted to announce that the charity has reached the target for a specialist couch (pictured below) to accompany the new LINAC machine when it becomes operational this summer. You can see photos of the installation in progress on our Facebook page. The couch, which can be tilted in several directions, costs £166,000.  Our amazing supporters raised this sum in just 6 months.

The PerfectPitch™ couch will be of great benefit to patients, particularly those whose tumour site moves during their radiotherapy treatment. This can happen due to weight loss, for example, and usually requires extra appointments for re-scanning and treatment re-planning. Using the new couch, the radiotherapy team will be able to continue treating the tumour with great accuracy and the patient will be positioned in comfort.


So, what's next?

We will be launching our new-look website in early May. Do take a look and explore the new features, which will include lots of different ways to support the charity. Shortly after this, there will be exciting news on the next appeal.


Awards Evening to celebrate Fundraising 2017

On January 13th, our annual Awards Evening was held at the Shropshire Conference Centre - many thanks to the team there for all their help in hosting the event. We celebrated the achievements of some of the many people who contributed to making 2016 such a success for Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. The awards and certificates were presented by our Patron, The Hon. Lady Jane Heber-Percy and included five special awards. Our pictures (top to bottom, below) show Jon Fuller, Fundraiser of the Year, who raised £25,000; Volunteer of the Year, Jenny Bounds who works tirelessly to help others make their events happen, and Joy Marston, who was presented with the Eryl Williams Award. This is given in memory of the charity's former Fundraising Manager and celebrates the contribution of an individual who embodies the charity's values in practical ways.

In the past year, we have been delighted to see many examples of the contribution made by young people from our area. The award for Young Fundraiser of the Year was won by Sarah Astley of Llanfair Caereinion. It was sponsored by Paton Fever Wealth Management. West Mercia Supplies sponsored the Schools Fundraisers Award, which was won by Hadley Learning Community, Telford.


Charity funds innovative patient care pilot project

The pilot project for an exciting new development in cancer care is about to be launched by the oncology team at Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, funded by Lingen Davies Cancer Fund.

The project will provide prostate cancer patients who have reached the end of their hospital-based treatment, and chemotherapy patients, with a quick and easy way to get help and advice on their personal concerns about side-effects. They will be able to download an electronic support tool which helps them to monitor side effects and tells them when to contact hospital staff.

This innovative Digital Health Solution can be used on smart phones, tablets and home computers. It allows a patient to contact a member of the cancer care team direct to share information on side effects and check whether or not there is an urgent need for a hospital appointment. The new system will help staff ensure that they pick up patients with serious side effects and provide them with the right care, at the right time in the right place. It also offers the benefit of offering personalised advice and support to patients with non-urgent side effects in a way that suits them better than the current care model.  For these patients, the app will reduce the waiting time, anxiety, travel and disruption to daily life that attending a hospital-based appointment can entail.

Mr Andy Elves, Consultant Urologist and Clinical Lead on Patient Access, says, 'This is an opportunity to shift the focus of attention back to being patient-centred and to change patient care for the better.'

The pilot will receive financial support (from existing funds) from the Lingen Davies Cancer Fund. Funds currently being raised by supporters will continue to be directed to the charity's ACTION Appeal for a new linear accelerator machine for Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. The ACTION Appeal recently reached the £500,000 milestone.